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Astrid's secrets for the perfect summer!

May 20, 2014 0 Comments
Summer is those precious few warmer months when days are longer and life just feels a little bit more care-free. Summer is for outdoor lounging, al fresco dinners, fun parties, spontaneous trips, gelato and catching fire flies.
Don't let summer pass you by! Here a few of my favorite ideas and products to make the most of your summer!


Outdoor lounging

Nothing feels more like summer than lounging outdoors. I am not talking about just eating outside, but about bringing your reading, your tea time, your games and conversations outside.
Outdoor rugs and pillows are a great way to define a space and invite to stay and linger. I love the fresh colors and patterns of these outdoor rugs by Worldmarket.




You cannot always lounge outdoors as often as you would like. Bring the blue skies into your bedroom by changing up your headboard. A clear customer favorite is Blue Sky with friendly Clouds, comes in all standard bed sizes. 



There are many more summer designs to choose from, check them out by selecting the "summer icon" on the Shop page - which one is your favorite? 


Dining al Fresco

Food is especially delicious when you enjoy it during its Season, when Nature provides it for us and you can find it in your local Farmer's Market or in your own garden. I am thinking juicy tomatoes bursting with flavor, crunchy salads with a variety of greens and veggies topped with edible flowers and delicious meats and fish directly from the BBQ. My go to source for mouth-watering recipes is Bon Appétit magazine, always at the pulse of what is fresh and new, yet wonderfully connected to where our food comes from and when and how it is best enjoyed. Check out the May issue for great summer recipes. 


I dress my Al fresco dinners with plates and trays by Paola Navone. I have long been a fan of this Italian Architect, Designer, Artist at Life and all-round Renaissance Woman. 



Her work spans over 30 years of brilliance, both in Italy and abroad, but her latest collection for Crate and Barrel is a stroke of genius. I love using these dishes as they instantly put me in a great mood.



Fun parties

Summer parties are the best! All you need is some easy to prepare delicious umber treats (see Al Fresco Dinners), summery drinks and cocktails. Create a summer vibe by lighting up the night with colorful lanterns. I love the ones from Cottonlight on Etsy. They have texture, interesting shapes and come in a  whole rainbow of colors and shapes. Now just add music that makes you want to tap your feet and enjoy your summer party.






Why resist the temptation of Ice Cream and Gelato, especially during these warm and balmy summer months. My go-to Gelato is my draw friend Margaret's Lickt Gelato, right here in Maplewood.



If you are lucky enough to be near a store or restaurant that sells Lickt Gealto, try the new Kale/Blueberry or the summer favorites Salted Caramel, Cram Raspberry Lemon Sorbet and Watermelon Basil Sorbet and let her know how you like it.
If you live outside her reach, try finding an artisanal Gelato maker in your area by googling "artisanal gelato" or "gourmet ice cream" and support a local small business in the most delicious way!


Spontaneous Trips

Whether you are a planner or an improviser, spontaneous trips are a treat and add some spice to your everyday. It can be a humble trip to a new farmers market or trig out a new restaurant. Or you venture further afield by exploring a new park. Bring a pic-nix basket and a blanket, kick off your shoes and take in the taste and scent of summer.



Catching fire flies

Most of us have memories of catching fire flies or lightning bugs on warm summer nights. Many people keep them in jars - sometimes a jar full of fire flies can produce enough light to read by.



If you want to catch fire flies, take tips from the experts of to help you along!
What makes your summer special? 
Live it up and Enjoy the Season




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