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NOYO Home Décor is a young company founded and run by Astrid Oyo. We love how our custom headboards can give your bedroom the personality it deserves and the fact that you can change it up on a whim. Surprise yourself and your loved ones with instant bedroom makeovers throughout the year!

For now, SlipArt and headboards is what we do, but we already have ideas to expand into pillows, bedding and more wonderful soft furnishings. While we draw inspiration from faraway places and bygone days, we also present cutting edge artists, both emerging and established.

Our products are designed in Maplewood, NJ and produced in the USA. To keep it smart, simple and sustainable, we are proud to say that we use quality materials and produce locally to reduce hassle and our carbon footprint. Cedar frames are light, beautiful and strong (and smell good too!).

Covers are made of poly fabric that has the look and feel of linen but is hard wearing and easy to care for. Our printer uses water based ink -friendly to your skin and the environment- that makes the slipcover soft to the touch (none of that stiffness you get from conventional ink printed on fabric!).

You buy the frame the first time…..after that just play with new SlipArt covers and see your bedroom transform in front of your eyes….voilà!


About Astrid Oyo

Astrid Oyo Hoffman

I’ve spent over a decade as a fashion and home furnishing professional in both Europe and the US, working with brands, brick-and-mortar retailers, websites and advertising agencies. I spent years honing my retail skills for fashionable ESPRIT as well as home furnishing power house IKEA.

Surrounded by fabulous fashion and home design I developed a habit to change my pillow covers, area rugs and accessories several times a year and I love the way it freshens up my whole house and puts me in sync with the seasons. Call it what you will, but it certainly is an easy and cost effective way of freshening up your home.

It was out of the trouble of finding a stylish, yet reasonable and easy way to dress up my bed that the idea for NOYO was born. There had to be a way to give my bedroom a makeover without breaking the bank? Now there is, and what you see is a very personal collection of beautiful art and photography for your bedroom.

My love for travel and capturing the beauty that lives in everyday moments defines many images in the NOYO collection. The fact that I cannot stay away from a flea market, whether the Brooklyn Flea in New York or Porte de Clignancourt in Paris, explains why you find a French love song or a nostalgic postcard as design for your headboard. I hope you will like it as much as I do.

Constantly on the lookout for the beautiful, the unusual and the unique, I have engaged artists to contribute original imagery from bold to poetic and everything in between. This is just the beginning and many more will join NOYO. Contact me if you would like to be featured, know someone who should be or have specific ideas of what you would like to see as far as NOYO designs go. Please contact me at astrid@noyohome.com.

I invite you to make your bedroom more fun, more beautiful and more personal. Enjoy!

Astrid Oyo, Founder and Creative Director

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