How It Works

Our custom headboards let you incorporate art into your bedroom. It’s simple: Just choose your headboard size and then select a custom SlipArt cover from the gallery of artwork collections, which have been carefully selected by NOYO and curated by our featured artists. If you already have a bedframe for your mattress, there’s no need to buy another bed. NOYO works with any bedframe! 
If you should ever want to get a bigger bed, simply order an headboard module that will expand your headboard to fit your new bed. Order one module per size you want to go up!

Here’s how to order your custom Noyo headboard:

  1. Choose your bed size: King, Queen, Double or Single.
  2. Get the NOYO pad in the chosen size.
  3. Select your favorite Headboard SlipArt cover designs.
  4. Voila! Instant bedroom makeover!

NOYO is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

What you need: #2 Philips head screw driver
What is provided: 2-8 Allen Screws™, 1 Allen Key ™, 4 Steel Wood Screws, 4 Toggle Bolts
Assemble Frame
Align frame modules to have NOYO logo below top dowel
Use Allen Screws ™ to screw modules together

Frame can easily be disassembled for storage, transport or adding/removing modules to change head board size.

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