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Fallingwater – Fall for it!

What a great mother-daughter trip! Fall is the Season to visit Fallingwater- the iconic, modern and stunningly beautiful house built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Designed in 1935 for the Kaufmann family, the site of the house is Bear Run in the woods of Laurel Highlands, 1.5 Hours southeast of Pittsburgh, in rural Pennsylvania.
It has been called the “best all-time work in American architecture” and “unquestionably the most famous private residence ever built”. A masterwork of Wright’s philosophy of organic architecture, Fallingwater blends harmoniously with its site and promotes the interaction of people with Nature.
The critical element in this setting is the waterfall over which the house is built. The Kaufmanns loved the waterfall and when they commissioned Fran Lloyd Wright with building a vacation home for them, they were expecting to have the house face the waterfall. They were unprepared for Wright’s suggestion raise over the falls rather than face it. Nevertheless, the architect’s original scheme and design was adopted largely without a change.
The outside is invited in! Direct access to the river from the living room combined with a waxed flagstone floor make you experience the river even from the inside.
Interior Photos by ideasqn.com, tophomeideas.com and fallingwaters.org
Built in low seating combined with an ecclectic collection of Asiatica art give this beautiful space an airy and modern feel, very much an open floor plan that we covet today.
Smartly placed windows allow for maximum air circulation keeping the house cool even during hot summer months, while giving wonderful view of the surrounding woods.
Interior Photos by ideasqn.com, tophomeideas.com and fallingwaters.org
If you go -and I hope you will- make sure to plan your visit ahead of time. The website Fallingwater has plenty of information and guided tours- the only way to visit the house- do sell out fast. Lodging is sparse in the area. For an unforgettable experience there is a very limited possibility of staying at one of Frank Lloyd Wrights houses in the area. Three are for rent and sleep between 4-8 people. The most famous one is the Duncan House in Polymath Park, just at a short distance from Fallingwater. Check t out and tell me about your experience. When Elina and I visited over Columbus Day weekend they were all booked, but next time I want to stay there for sure!

Thank you Freshome!

Thanks to Lavinia and her team at Freshome. They have an excellent eye for good design and architecture and search the globe for good products and projects. So I feel very honored to be featured by them as a modern and stylish solution for your bedroom!

Get comfortable and check out what else they have to say about Architecture, Hotels and Resorts and all rooms in your home……you will loose yourself in the wealth of great images and inspiration. Enjoy!

Thank you Lavinia!



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