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Thinking about starting your own business?

for complete article check out Working Mother January/February 2014 issue 


Leave it to Working Mother Magazine to bring relevant and necessary tips and ideas to all us working moms, from great insights on how to better balance work-life, to latest research on work and gender related issues, to tips and tricks on serving healthy food, discovering great new products and look your best while you are juggling all these balls simultaneously.

And yes, there are plenty of ideas on how to start your own business. If that is what you are dreaming about, wait no more and check out the regular column of  “entrepreneur mom” profiles. I had the pleasure of sharing my story with Working Mother Magazine and got great response from fellow entrepreneurs, both budding and growing. 


Let our stories be an inspiration for you to start yours!



Thank you Snobessentials!

Thank you so much to Kelly from Snobessentials for featuring us on your blog and for suggesting that “NOYO Home Décor offers a modern, innovative solution” for your bedroom. 

I could not agree more with Kelly when she says that “our bedrooms are personal sanctuaries, so a personal touch is essential. With prints this vibrant, you’ll be able to change the entire look of your room at a moment’s notice.”

Check out what other fabulous things Kelly has to say on Fashion, Beauty, Art, Food, Travel and much more!

Thanks Kelly, we love you too!



Today is St. Nikolaus day!

The true story of Santa Claus begins with Nicholas whose day we celebrate today December 6th. Occasion for a joyous celebration in my home country Switzerland. St. Nicholaus -or Samichlaus as he is called in Lucerne where I am from- was born during the third century in the village of Patara, on ...

Try this Christmas cookie!

If you are only baking one ind of cookie this year - try the Swiss all time favorite Mailänderli – milanais in French or, literally, “little milano” in English – is the most popular Swiss Christmas cookie. It’s an egg-enriched shortbread with a hint of lemon. Get out the cookie cutter ...

Make your own Ice lantern

Making your own ice lantern is an easy way to bring light and magic into cold and dark winter nights. I like mine with cranberries, twigs, leaves and other beautiful objects I find in the yard and around the house.   I borrowed this beautiful image from Songbird until my own ice lantern free ...